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Every child has a special brilliance waiting to be uncovered, polished, and used to enhance his or her life and bless this world. As parents, our role, like a miner, is to find and develop these qualities—these precious gems. Unfortunately, many parents do not know how to “uncover the brilliance" and they become frustrated.


Rather than feeling frustrated, one option for parents to consider is parent coaching. This is a partnership created to help parents develop a parenting style that honors their core values. The process also honors the child and his or her own natural talents and gifts, so that they can become all that they were meant to be.

“Kristi McClanahan has been a true blessing in our lives. She has helped us to see our son in a new light–not as broken, but as someone who has different wiring. She has taught us to see our son's strengths and look beyond his weaknesses. For the first time since he has been diagnosed with ADD, our son is no longer focusing on what is wrong with him. He is learning to use his natural talents and gifts to overcome his challenges. Through Kristi's coaching, we have all grown personally because we have realized that the things we are learning can be applied to every area of our lives.” Gail B.


A Parenting Coach:


Coaching parents of Children with AD/HD:


Parents can feel overwhelmed when their child is AD/HD. Sometimes, this “uncovering” seems even more difficult, almost impossible, creating stress, frustration, and disappointment.


The difficulty a parent of an AD/HDer faces is understandable, and very often the result of anxiety about performance issues. People criticize their child and point out problems. “He can’t sit still, he doesn’t pay attention, he’s all over the place” or “he needs medication!” The parents do not get opportunities to see the positive qualities because the negative ones stand out in their thoughts and worries over their child. More than anything, they are desperate to solve the problems so their kid can be “normal.”


AD/HD coaches are knowledgeable about their child’s unique brain wiring. The parent and coach partner, develop strategies to help their child more effectively remember important details, pay attention, and learn. The parents are also encouraged to advocate for their child in a school system that sometimes misunderstands his or her needs.


When the child is a teenager, he or she is directly involved in the coaching process, along with the parents. Teenagers love the coaching paradigm because it focuses on their abilities, rather than their disabilities. They stop feeling broken, and are eager to learn strategies that help them survive and thrive in a world that unfortunately requires students to sit and listen for hours. They are also encouraged to develop their natural talents and gifts so that they find their true purpose, which helps them create a happy and fruitful life. (Click here to read what the teenagers have to say about Coach Kristi).


Parents of young children learn coaching skills and how to apply them; however, the child is not involved in the actual coaching sessions. When parents apply their newfound coaching and parenting skills, the positive transformation in their young AD/HDer is rewarding. (Click here to read testimonies from parents who have learned these skills from Coach Kristi).


Coach Kristi only works with 2-3 families at a time so that they can get the individualized coaching they deserve to uncover the brilliance in their family!


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